Our Mission
"We are dedicated to providing professional financial services following the AIPB code of ethics and GAAP standards with quality and integrity. Our clients are assured of strict confidentiality, security, and personalized hometown services at affordable prices."
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Useful Links
Recommended Sites:
The Internet is an essential resource, but trying to find those great sites through search engines can be a frustrating experience. To save you time, we've compiled a list of sites that might be of interest to you and your financial necessities Please visit the sites below for all the information they have available for you.
The Internal Revenue Service
Official site. Includes tax statistics, IRS information, and links to Federal tax forms.
Quick link to Quickbooks Services and Software. We recommend this site, as this is a program that we actively use for our services.
Toolkit Business Management
Business Owners Toolkit This website is an online version of their CCH Small Business Guide. Use this link to get useful and comprehensive guidance for managing your business.
Business Expenses
How to reduce business expenses; a checklist.
Business Planning
Useful for new or growing businesses. Be sure to click on "Writing the plan" and "Using the plan" in the left-hand column.
Business Startup
Checklists for new businesses.
Independent Contractor Vs. Employee?
Mileage Rates
Services Provided for Individuals & Small Businesses:
Financial statements
Income Statements & Balance Sheets
End-of-Period Reports
Bookkeeping and payroll preparation for third parties
General ledger
Bank reconciliation
New business startup
QuickBooks consultant
Peachtree consultant
24-Hour Telephone Support
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