Our Mission
"We are dedicated to providing professional financial services following the AIPB code of ethics and GAAP standards with quality and integrity. Our clients are assured of strict confidentiality, security, and personalized hometown services at affordable prices."
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Will I lose control of my financial decision making?
Absolutely not! We will provide you with a process that will give you increased control over cash management, and improve your decision making by providing timely, accurate financial reports.
Who can have access to my financial information?
Only those you have chosen to give access to your password(s), such as board members, CPA's, and financial advisors. We can also block access to certain sections of your information. Besides that only you and I will access any of your important documents.
Do you cover the other administrative functions that my bookkeeper also performs?
No. Our philosophy is to be the very best at our core business. We would recommend that you split the job and hire an administrative person to perform basic tasks. These employees are usually easier to find and require less in wages than a trained bookkeeper. If your trained bookkeeper was performing these functions, chances are you were not getting your accounting done well and were paying higher bookkeeper wages for someone less qualified.
How do I control payment of bills?
We will notify you by e-mail when your bills have been received by us, when they are posted, and when they are ready for payment. You simply notify us of vendors, amounts and dates you would like invoices paid. No payment is made without your approval.
What if I want to write a check myself?
We recognize that business owners occasionally need to write a check to a vendor or employee on the spot. While we encourage business owners to keep their own check writing to a minimum, all we require is that you record and notify us of the particulars of the check..
How much will these services cost?
Historically, our costs have proven to be less than our clients were paying for their accounting staff, or would be required to pay if they built their accounting department internally. We estimate that the hidden savings in management and other departments' time may be as much as 50% of our cost again. We charge a flat fee for bookkeeping services based upon the average time it takes a monthly basis. Additional services can be contracted for on an hourly charge basis. We will tailor the rate we charge to what services you need.
Services Provided for Individuals & Small Businesses:
Financial statements
Income Statements & Balance Sheets
End-of-Period Reports
Bookkeeping and payroll preparation for third parties
General ledger
Bank reconciliation
New business startup
QuickBooks consultant
Peachtree consultant
24-Hour Telephone Support
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